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  1. Agata Kuczminska Agata Kuczminska

    Hey guys:-)

    I was writing a new blog post, and I wanted to make a simple graphic which would correspond with it. Full image is wide, so make sure you check it out too:-)

    Post is about simplicity and modularity
    If you want to read it, I will be super happy

    If you are secretly extreemly curious about the background I used for this, here you can find it http://bit.ly/17l6yLT

    9 months ago

  2. Ralston (of Thinkory) Ralston (of Thinkory)

    Nice shot. And, you know, I really love the point you make at the end. Don't mean to spoil it for anyone, but you're right; the greater the mass, the lesser the value. I think that's a philosophy that can be broadly applied to all things design (and many things not explicitly design-related). Totally agree, Agata.

    9 months ago

  3. Agata Kuczminska Agata Kuczminska

    Thank you:-) I'm glad you agree, and thank you so much for taking time and reading my post, I'm gratefull.


    9 months ago

  4. Ralston (of Thinkory) Ralston (of Thinkory)

    My pleasure, Agata :^)

    9 months ago

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