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I have made a PSD version of the DISQUS comment section for anyone and everyone to use when doing their design mockups. I am currently designing a page where DISQUS is required and taking a screenshot just doesn't work.

This has been made using shapes and FONT AWESOME which gives you the ability to resize and recolour the comments section to fit your design, without losing font size or quality - perfect!

UPDATE SOON TO COME: Replies and add expanded comments area.

This is FREE for anyone and everyone to use, no restrictions, no 'thank you Gav, you're totes amazeballs' credits, just have fun with it and I hope you find it useful.

And here is a dog having a chat on the phone

*if* you do use it, a quick follow on twitter would be nice, just so i know it's being used - no pressure mind! Follow me on Twitter

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