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Animated sakura pattern process

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Animated sakura pattern process flower tree pink tea seamless pattern pattern cherry blossom sakura japanese

Another seamless pattern for Tealet's packaging, illustrated in the same roughened, hand-drawn style as the logo.

For a full explanation of how this pattern will be used on the packaging, read this.

This pattern is for a Japanese tea farm and their teas are harvested in Spring. I wanted it to be culturally significant, so I chose to illustrate a sakura (cherry blossom) motif. Sakura are deeply symbolic in Japanese culture, and are romanticized heavily in Japanese art.

In Tealet's next shipment of four teas, three of them will be from this farm. Thus, there are three color schemes for this pattern, all drawing from a light pastel Spring-inspired color palette.

The GIF depicts my process. Check the attachment for inspiration, sketches, and other views.

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