Hackathon: Spendesk Give

Last winter we organised a hackathon at Spendesk, the objective was to work on a new Spendesk feature that bring values to our users and be able to ship it in 48 hours.

I team up with 4 engineers (Anaïs, Meri, Flo and Régis) and we decided to tackle an important pain point of Spendesk experience : how can we make users upload their receipts faster? We also wanted to bring fun and positivity to the product, what about being able to make some charity donation?

That’s how we ended up with ‘GIVE’: for each receipt attached to an expense, the user earns points that he can convert into charity donation. The number of points earned is depending on how quickly the user attached his receipt after his expense.

This project was also the opportunity for me to work on some branding and illustrations skills, not that frequent for a product designer!

I hope that this project will be live one day! 💜

Posted on May 25, 2020

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