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Library of UI/UX Patterns

I've started to collect a library with the best pieces found around the web. Hopefully, "another collection" of great ui/ux patterns can inspire people to design better things and strive to improve your skills again and again.

P.S. I truly love Webflow these days.

It enables me to design and build projects like this in days without hassling with code. It even has CMS inside it, so I can create a collection with data, add images, and integrate it easily on a page. If you ever wanted to give it a try, start with their tutorials. Yep, there is a bit of learning curve out there but in a few weeks of practice you'll be able to create almost everything you'd imagine.

This tool has so much potential. It speaks the language of the web and empowers you to create not just images but powerful projects.

Frankly speaking, I wait when Figma, Sketch, and outdated software like this will be finally dead. It has almost nothing in connection with the direction of progress and how things are going on the web. It's just a bunch of tools to draw shapes.


P.S.S Oh, yes, here is the library with the patterns:
See the Library

Posted on May 24, 2020
Vladimir Kudinov
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