Hello my friends,

finally I'm not in rush and have time to comment my shots, since I've got fired in every studio lately, not it terms I'm lack or noob, it's because I wanted to move and have more free time to spend on own projects and clients of my own, I'm totally freelance (but some contract is on plate) so while I'm still freelance, I wanna share more projects with you all and get some comments and observations from you :)

Hopefully, this shot is not out of place, since it's for review monitoring tool, my initial idea was to get rid of stars, as everyone have them in tools like this and users just don't get it, because when you gain reviews, all that matters are happy faces of customers/people, so it's not about stars at all, you need to know at first sight in this admin panel, that customers/people are happy with your post/review/checkin etc.

It's just a little piece of it and I plan to post more, but now I need to get it approved, to show final stuff, meanwhile, take a look on some process design :)

Hope you all doing well today and hope that I'm still in the game!

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