Moment Camera: New capture icon

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  1. daramghaus daramghaus

    Normal, Sequential Shots, Timer, Timer+Sequential Shots
    (In Review, Ver.1.3 update)

    9 months ago

  2. Conor O'Driscoll Conor O'Driscoll

    Love the concept in general, and the "timer" idea is expressed effortlessly.

    Not entirely sold on the "sequential" iconography though - I think those layers beneath are a bit subtle, and users could interpret them as simple decoration at first.... It depends on how these are actually presented in context too, but will the disparity in icon height break the horizontal flow? Again, would have to see it in the context of the app to actually judge that...


    9 months ago

  3. daramghaus daramghaus

    @Conor O'Driscoll I agree with your opinion.
    However, the case of a "timer + sequential shot" have two meanings. It is too complex to express the meanings on the small icon(Real size: round rect in the iPhone home button). I could not find another way, Visualization of "sequential shot" not complex. So I have expressed in the decorative elements (layers).
    Next update, I will find another way.
    Thank you!

    9 months ago

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