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  1. Lorenzo Rojas Lorenzo Rojas

    Some time ago there was a random Twitter viral phenomenon, when someone decided to start translating places of Costa Rica, and used the hashtag: #lugarestraducidos (in English it means #translatedplaces).

    So the principal idea was to Translate the place into English, taking parts of the word.

    Lets see an example of this: Santa Teresa is a place of Costa Rica, so in spanish if we separate this word, we get two different meanings: “Santa” means Holy, and “Teresa” is a slang word which means Boobie. So the funny part was to say that Santa Teresa was actually a Holy Boobie.

    Several times I tweeted names of translated places and some hours later there were nearly hundreds of tweets by people suggesting funny names. That was very cool, but after that I wanted to “immortalize” them. How? well by illustrating them.

    Here is the link of the project with 22 illustrations:

    Thanks for passing by!

    9 months ago

  2. Jorge Puga Jorge Puga

    Interesting. Your learn something new every day. I didn't know that teresa was slang for boobs. :) All the illustrations are really nice and funny but may favorite one has to be Papagayo. Muy bien hecho Lorenzo!


    9 months ago

  3. Lorenzo Rojas Lorenzo Rojas

    Hi @Jorge Puga I really appreciate your comment. Yes here in Costa Rica "teresa" have that additional meaning. I'm glad that you liked the project. Thanks for passing by :)

    9 months ago

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