Temp Weather App

Kaydroy weatherapp v1

Signed up for a Skillshare class to learn more about mobile design. The class is officially over but I just started so I would love feedback.

There's a few things to note:
I wanted to have a focus on lifestyle use so everything is more conversational and the user would be able to upload an image of their version of 'sunny' 'cloudy'...

The color bands in the middle represent the Morning, Afternoon and Evening weather at a glance. Sunny (yellow), Cloudy (gray), Raining (blue), Storming( Navy), Snowing (White). It becomes more intuitive once you swipe over for the week forecast.

I've developed icons on what you would wear for each weather type. Sunny - Sunglasses. Rain - Umbrella. Storm - Umbrella with rain drops. Snow - Mittens. I'm stuck on what the Cloudy icon could be.

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