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  1. Moran Goldstein Moran Goldstein

    I pulled this one out of the moth balls. I made the original outline in 1998 (some Dribbblers weren't alive back then...), it was one of the first logomarks I sold. Attached is the actual outline without the perspective shift and depth of field (which I'm applying to the shot because it seems like the obligatory thing to do these days when you're showing off a logomark) .

    10 months ago

  2. Chris Slowik Chris Slowik

    nice. i actually prefer the attachment =]

    whats the dotted line around the Q though? doesn't seem to match up with anything

    10 months ago

  3. Moran Goldstein Moran Goldstein

    @Chris Slowik It's a G, not a Q :)
    The circle around the G intersects with one of the inner lines of the A. If I were to define all of the dimensions, I'd have to define the distance between that circle, and the outer circle of the G. The alternative would have been to create a line which is normal to the angle of the A, from the center of the G, but that would be very difficult to notice and (I think) less clear.

    10 months ago

  4. Chris Slowik Chris Slowik

    Heh, dunno why i typed Q.

    Thanks for the detail. Still a little unclear to me (might have to re-read lol) but the proportions are certainly nice.. so it obviously worked =]

    (after re-read and looking at flat version):
    aha... got it now. cool!

    10 months ago

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