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I'm currently working on my portfolio and ways to improve it's usability and most importantly portability. It's about time I carry my portfolio around with me wherever I go in the form of a web app installed to the home screen of my iPad.

It's been a learning curve all over. Originally I planned to make an interactive portfolio using InDesign's alternate layout options for landscape and portrait use. In terms of adding links and navigation to the document, it proved very cumbersome and not that useful. It was especially unhelpful given the fact that the whole way through I was thinking, I could just code this. The main thing holding me back from coding was the fact of spending time creating a portfolio and then later this year redesigning my whole website. I'd much rather do the two together, but alas, the portfolio needs to be done urgently.

Anyway, follow the development and bookmark it to your home screen to access it as a native web app without the browser chrome (please note, this design is of what's to come and will be updated as I develop it).

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