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  1. Julien Martin Julien Martin

    Something I've been working on recently.
    The app allows you to "control" your dreams while you sleep by playing various sounds and messages. Amongst multiple metaphor sketches proposals, the client decided we should go with the pillow metaphor.

    about 3 years ago

  2. Adi Hezral Adi Hezral

    looks great Julien. Maybe preview it on a more simpler background next time :) the grid kinda makes the border look not very nice :)

    about 3 years ago

  3. Julien Martin Julien Martin

    Thanks Adi! Might do that next time :)

    about 3 years ago

  4. David McLeod David McLeod

    Love this, it looks so sweet I could just lay my :)

    about 3 years ago

  5. Olivier Garcia Olivier Garcia

    Really nice pillow, love it.

    about 3 years ago

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