Hypebreast Editorial Magazine Design

Omg May 2013. Here's an old shot. At that time I didn't realize I would like editorial design... which is why I did this because I knew I wanted to get better at editorial design. I just wanted to make my own Streetwear media outlet focused on embracing women. This was early when Hypebeast was just getting in the "Hype" and gaining traction. I wanted a female version of that... This is a prototype/mockup. The inside design is horrid haha. Go find it in my behance. Anywho, Hypebreast is still my instagram username. Model here is Adrianne Ho! Hypebreast logo was hand drawn and converted into vector.... Perhaps I shall revive this dream with a new twist... Text from Hypebeast.

Photographer: Hannah Sider.... I was such a nerd and fan emailed Hannah Sider fangirling about her work. She never responded lol.

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