If Something Sucks

If Something Sucks

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"If something sucks, I tell people to their face." - Steve Jobs

Turns out it's really hard to get high-quality, consistent feedback on design work via the internet. Nothing beats having other real smart designers telling why you did shit all wrong. Or right. I am sure many of you are on Dribbble looking for ways to grow - I know I am. That's why I created "Brews and Reviews" - a fun, in-person meetup to get amazing feedback on what you're working on, and to help others grow their work. If you're in the Bay Area, and want to meet cool designers, drink great beer, and become better at what you love, you can sign up here.

On another note, this is my first real stab at hand lettering. I owe a big debt to folks like Dana Tanamachi, Drew Melton, and Michael Spitz for providing inspiration. If they, or anyone else, has some feedback here, I'm all ears.

Also, check out the attachments for another sketch, and a full view of the final drawing.


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