Windows Phone 8 Search Concept

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  1. Gary Keeler Gary Keeler

    After using Windows Phone 8 I found myself really liking it but wishing a few things were different. One of the biggest changes I would love to see is integrating how search is handled in Windows 8. Namely having the search button pull out a side menu which searches not only the device but offers bing as a option. Thoughts from the design community?

    9 months ago

  2. Aaron C-T Aaron C-T

    I like the idea of the search button being universal again, but I think this still has one of the main flaws from the Windows 8 version does. I think most users nowadays are expecting unified search by default, with search narrowing coming after.

    Curious what everyone else thinks, though.


    9 months ago

  3. Gary Keeler Gary Keeler

    @Aaron C-T good catch! I'll update this tomorrow with the unified search from windows 8.1 which should help refine this a bit. Anything anybody else notices?

    9 months ago

  4. After Aaron's comment I updated this to have the 8.1 search box. So the idea is that you can choose to search whatever app you are currently in or you can choose to search everywhere. Next on my concept list is integrating the Charms bar and talking about quick settings.

    9 months ago

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