Twitter for iOS7

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  1. Naim Chayata Naim Chayata

    Inspired by the shot of Mike Rundle, I tried to imagine and create an iOS7 version of Twitter myself. I really like the translucency in iOS7 and wanted that to be an eye-catching feature in the Twitter application as well.

    Check out the project on behance.

    10 months ago

  2. Tom Coates Tom Coates

    That's pretty lovely - simple and classy. I'm thinking a lot at the moment about how on earth you capture the personality of an app with the limited palette of iOS7. Twitter's been going more native and simple for a while, but this seems to fit in very elegantly with their direction and with the new aesthetic on offer.


    9 months ago

  3. Victor Anselmé Victor Anselmé

    This is really good! I would just keep the bottom bar translucent, and leave icons on the top opaque.

    7 months ago

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