There's a bit of nostalgic backstory associated with this work. Right from the theming and custom icon days, I was involved in the design community. Through the Sacha Höhne - Xanthic (Aquasoft) age to Jonas Rask - Laurent Baumann (Macthemes) age to the current Softfacade - Artua (Dribbble) age we are in. There was a sharing and honing skills spirit present back in those days that kick started the career of many icon/UI designers today. I am really pleased to see that spirit still kept alive today by people like @Ollin, @wakaba and @David Lanham.

The urge to contribute to the community and joys of icon design that I've had as a teenager was rekindled lately as I learnt 3D. I felt I should be step in and play my part in keeping the flame alive and here's my humble contribution.

This icon was modelled in C4D first to study the lighting and textures and then remade in vector. I have attached the .PSD down below for those interested and it's 100% vector including the background. This was an attempt to move outside of my comfort zone and I am really glad that it paid off.

.PSD :

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