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Unamo — Tools for Marketers.

SEO and Social Media analytical tools for online marketing professionals.

Now you can monitor your #SEO, #SocialMedia, and optimize website’s #ConversionRates - all just in one place!


Year: 2016 / Background Story

When Positionly joined forces with UsabilityTools, and Monitori under one platform called Unamo. I was asked by the founders to collaborate again to create a simple, yet strong brand for their new product.

Our goal and challenge was to achieve that level of simplicity for the symbol, so it can work in a very-very tiny sizes - yet the symbol which will give a possibility to create an umbrella for the Unamo’s products. The big idea behind the symbol itself is a rotated switch (to make a reference to letter - U) which allows to boost your conversion rates. Also there's a custom-made logotype.

Created in close collaboration with Dawid Liberadzki & Grzegorz Kazulak.

Milosz Klimek
Brand, Product Design + Consultancy. ☺︎

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