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Oh hey, Dribbble. Haven’t seen you in a while.

I made an app! With my own two BARE HANDS. It’s called Red Pen: it's a bullshit-free way to share your designs and get annotated feedback from the people you trust.

Design feedback has been this problem that thousands of people have tried to solve. Nothing sticks because their solutions try to shove a specific workflow down your face. You have to jump through all these UI screens just to get to the point of it.

So I made an app with as little obstruction as possible. You give your friends a link to this great design you're working on and they can point at different areas and go "wait, this bit is confusing", "what if you did this", and "this part is perfect".

Because we don't get better in isolation. Designers are a collective mind. We grow when we surround ourselves with good people and learn from each other. Others give us perspective that we can't quite find ourselves. Getting good, fast feedback is important.

Try Red Pen and tell me what you think.

Bonus easter egg: try uploading a massive file.

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