So this is a concept I'm working on right now for school.

I'm really trying to get "healthier" to some extend. I've bought a Fitbit Flex to keep track of my daily activities because I simply want to lose weight, or fat rather. After some research and a lots of trial and errors, I found out that food is THE main component of losing weight. But it's hard to change a habit and stay on a healthy diet. You're used to your soda's, snacks and all that. Changing a habit is pretty damn hard especially if you don't know what you should eat and how much you can eat.

There's were this app comes in. Depending on your activity it will calculate what you need and can eat during the day. It will calculate your needs for fat intake, calorie intake, carb intake and your protein intake. Then, depending on your goals, it will calculate approx. 10% above or below your daily needs and it will make you lose (or gain) weight.

I know it's kind of a tricky concept but I think it will work.

The shot is somewhat cropped so check the attachment for a full view of the dashboard.

Let me know what you guys think of the concept.

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Posted on Jul 3, 2013
Kevin Anderson
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