Spiffy Studio Website Concept v.01

What you're looking at is a concept for what was supposed to be the first iteration of our official Spiffy Studio website. The idea was to keep it as minimal UI wise as possible and user friendly while at the same time illustrating the crap out of it in order to showcase what we do as much as we can.

Due to a whole plethora of development issues and other hiccups here and there, unfortunately it never came to life 💔

Still, it was a nice study for what our website might look like someday in the future. Also it helped us define who/what Spiffy Studio is, how it should look like and how you should feel like when interacting with it... a smurf on LSD in this case 🤷🏻‍♂️

For anyone interested, I've attached full-res background images used for the website to the shot.

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