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So this project has been a long time coming, and we're so excited to share the months of hard work we put into it. Acre is a co-working space out of Estero, Florida that tasked us with naming and visual identity.

We ran deep with "Plots" as a conceptual thread to run through all visuals. We created a plot system for the Acre wordmark. It's based on 396 (33 x 12) plots in order to consistently and accurately crop parts of the wordmark. By doing so, it creates an ownable visual system for Acre.

These plots were also spread across interior signage, business cards, a usage we called blind dropcaps for beginning paragraph blocks, and even squeezed the width of copy blocks to mimic rows of crops. We also created a color system for each version of the logotype.

If you are in the Florida area, and possibly looking for a spot, they are slowly starting to roll out the branding and get things ready, so give'em a gander:


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