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Kellybrook Winery – Hand Sanitiser Label Design

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"I'll take 'Things I didn't think I'd be designing for a winery in 2020' please, Alex!"

What a year, huh? This week I got a call from one of my clients, who I'm more used to designing beer can and cider artwork for, asking if I could come up with a label for a hand sanitiser they're releasing.

I know a lot of breweries have gone down this route, and if anything, it's great that these businesses can adapt and create something to keep them above water, while all the crazy around us continues. But still, won't stop feeling a little bizarre!

Anyway, I'm working on a few options at the moment, and this is one that I'm liking. The loose brief is to dial down the medical vibe, inject a little bit of fun, but remain trustworthy/authoritative.

I'm hoping to achieve this by avoiding typically medical colours, and using some playful typography - in this case, leaning heavily on Studio Buchanan's Acklebury typeface.

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