New Monster Mash Up

After a while of mashing up everything the new stuff is nearly done. Check out the Monsters here and stay tuned. More Mash Ups are coming in. To help you find them. This party has a bender turned into a killer robot, an angry sea monster, a stone age dude, a time bandit, Simpson`s Kang, a standard mummy, the Terminator, the It Clown, Monsieur Hellraiser, Batman, THE Alien, Dracula, Brother Frankenstein, a cruel, butterfly catching, non mad professor, the Lion from OZ, a regular dude with a beer, a misunderstood zombie, Jason, Cousin Itt, Golgothan - the Shit Demon, the Belzebub as the Devil himself, a Yeti beast, a funky pirate, the Cookie Monster and the legendary Medusa snaking around... Enjoy.

..while inking, the devil made me trip and slip to spill some ink. After taking a closer look, Donny Darco was fading in and is now living in my wooden desk. Seems to be a message for all of us, who are thinking we are not being watched.

Check the complete progress story..

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