Brainy T-Shirt Lettering


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  1. Alex Timokhovsky Alex Timokhovsky

    Hi folks! I've got an idea to stylize letters for brain gyrus. This is actually a second step in visualisation. And now I need your advice:
    1. Does it look like brain? :)
    2. Isn't it too hard to read the sentence?
    I would be very appreciated for your answers.

    10 months ago

  2. kinessisk kinessisk

    1. похоже, вполне
    2. последнее слово, да трудно


    10 months ago

  3. Alex Timokhovsky Alex Timokhovsky

    @kinessisk ну наконец-то дождался ответа! :) Спасибо. Буду дорабатывать.

    10 months ago

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