Banking App for Kids

Here’s a banking app we’ve designed for kids. To teach them about money, parents create savings accounts and set credit limits. With this app, it’s also possible to reach group goals and get together with best friends! Check this out!

Main details:

💰 When designing for kids, it’s crucial to help them get concentrated. To highlight key app functionality, we’ve decided to use bright-colored content boxes against a clean, white background.

💸 Visualization is key to reaching goals. If you can see it, you can achieve it - right? To help kids establish their savings goals (and prevent impulse buys), we enabled the ability to load ‘goals’ i.e pictures of their biggest dreams.

Press L if you like this design and say
Digital money-box — isn’t this what every 90-s kid could ever dream of?

Ilya Sablin
Product Designer 💌 ilyasox1@gmail•com

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