Naming Convention

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  1. Pavel Maček Pavel Maček

    Always interesting how others keep their stuff organised. This is the naming and folder structure I got to over the years. Instead of version number I use date, it's longer but gives me additional context.

    I'm curious about different approaches (I would love to have just one file with all the history, not having to change date (version) every time...

    10 months ago

  2. Adam Amran Adam Amran

    That's a rather close to my file system, although I don't go to the depth of including date of creation to the name of the file.
    I have however found to be rather convenient not to have PSDs buried too deep into folders as they are the files I am opening the most and therefore quick access is better for me.

    10 months ago

  3. Pavel Maček Pavel Maček

    @Adam Amran good to hear that. Makes sense to limit depth of folders for quick access, I agree. However, when I'm working on something, I rarely open files from Finder, I use "recently openened" instead.

    10 months ago

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