Guroo Active Mobile

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  1. Young & Hungry Young & Hungry

    We recently launched a new site for our client Guroo Active. Fully responsive, one-page, basic eCommerce site. Simple and clean.

    10 months ago

  2. Erik Ford Erik Ford

    I love the use of Klavika here. It immediately gave me a sense of the brand without knowing anything about the product. The layout is spot on and the off canvas menu is a nice touch.



    10 months ago

  3. Young & Hungry Young & Hungry

    @Erik Ford Thank you! Klavika is a beautiful family, and was a wonder to work with. Glad you enjoy what we did here.

    10 months ago

  4. Edgar Vargas Edgar Vargas

    your work is fucking awesome! I did notice a lot of rivers on this section, it may not make a huge difference but good typography could make or break a beautiful website. Again, awesome work!

    3 months ago

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