Favourite Design Tools + "I Care Emoji" (Free Sketch File)

I've been a huge fan of Facebook's new I care emoji so I recreated it in Sketch with a bit the Asian coloured drop shadow aesthetic. Then I swapped out the hearts with some of the best design tools I use (was also a bit surprised to see optimal workshop rebrand). I’m attaching the source file below for those who want to swap in their own objects.
Here’s a more in depth breakdown of the tools I use:
-Sketch & Figma for UI designs - I’ve moved over to Figma for the most part, but there’s still a few UI kits, libraries, and plugins. Although I still do prefer Sketch for vector illustrations (Figma masks & vector tools aren’t great for me).
-Optimal Workshop - user research & user testing (usertesting.com tends to be too expensive for personal projects). OW has great tools for tree testing, 5s tests, etc.
-Overflow - for interaction flows
-Whimsical - IA diagrams, interaction flows, wireframes
-Principle - micro animations & transitions
-Invision - project management & white boarding & collecting feedback
-Framer & Flinto - high-fi interactions
-Rotato & Artboard Studio & Photoshop - mockups
Looking into some video recording & livestream programs right now - hope to start doing more Q&As, tutorials, and UX streams soon!
Let me know how things go in the comments below!
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I Care Emoji + Favourite Design Tools—@richard.ux.sketch
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