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  1. Lacie Webb Lacie Webb

    A project that I'm refining. Bike Buddy is a concept for an app that helps cyclists discover routes, create group rides, and gather a community. The yellow bar indicates that this is an easy trail.

    Let me know what you think!

    10 months ago

  2. Jeff van Steijn Jeff van Steijn

    Nice colors! And welcome to dribbble.

    10 months ago

  3. Lacie Webb Lacie Webb

    @Jeff van Steijn Thanks! :)

    10 months ago

  4. Diana Prakash Diana Prakash

    Beautiful UI! Welcome to dribbble!

    10 months ago

  5. Smaug Smaug

    Overall looks cool.
    Welcome to dribbble!

    10 months ago

  6. Seevi kargwal Seevi kargwal

    Beautiful shot, welcome to dribbble.

    10 months ago

  7. Hawk Jon | 继续砍树 Hawk Jon | 继续砍树

    clean and nice ~

    10 months ago

  8. Eugene Eugene

    Nice shot! Welcome to dribbble!)

    10 months ago

  9. vikas1307 vikas1307

    Gud shot..Welcome to dribbble :)

    10 months ago

  10. Álvaro Carreras Álvaro Carreras

    Nice! good look. Welcome

    10 months ago

  11. Raquel Román Parrado Raquel Román Parrado

    Welcome to Dribbble!
    Looks good!

    10 months ago

  12. Marian Pop Marian Pop


    10 months ago

  13. Bryan Kidd Bryan Kidd

    Great idea, and nice looking app. Can't help thinking that it needs some kind of indicator on the map itself. Trail starts here type thing. And maybe an overview of where the trail goes? And can you expand the map?

    I like the colour coded difficulty rating. Nice work.

    10 months ago

  14. Space Masters Space Masters

    Nice looking ui and presentation. That iPhone is special.

    10 months ago

  15. Darina Matvienko Darina Matvienko

    nice :) welcome!

    10 months ago

  16. Santiago Alonso Santiago Alonso

    Love the idea of the app. Not sure about showing two lines of text in the title, makes navigation icon looks uncentered. Welcome!

    10 months ago

  17. Alexey Golovanov Alexey Golovanov

    niiice! welcome to the game!

    10 months ago

  18. Justin Graham Justin Graham

    great flat design! :)

    9 months ago

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