Neumorphism on the right track. How to implement new trend in your design?

Neumorphism is combo of the words "New" and "Skeuomorphism".This style makes use of very mild and subtle effects, and does not try to over represent objects in nature, but create a new form that appears like a clay render of mostly analog elements from the old world. ⠀
Neumorphism is not versatile enough to be a popular design style. Especially in real, coded products.Why?

1. Visual aspect: Neomorphism is not for people who has visual problems. When you design a button with an important call to action, you take into account the contrast ratio to make it stand out and also easy to read on the page. However, in neomorphism there is no such thing as a contrast ratio, because the button is the same material as the background. The only thing that separates them is the corners and many soft shadows. So the main thing to remember here is that if you're going with this style keep all the important elements on it with high enough contrast.

2. Cognitive aspect: The lack of hierarchy on the screen has a significant impact on the decision-making process by the user and on his thought process. Thus, many elements in the absence of hierarchy and design focus create a barrier that prevents users from understanding what is happening on this screen. In the end, this can lead to confusion and misunderstanding. Good UI / UX design doesn`t make users think.

3. Physical aspect: Neomorphism creates confusion!Because of the different levels of shadows and angles, neomorphism creates confusion for users. This happens. because of the lack of coherence and understanding of which elements are clickable. In the end, this creates a physical barrier for users. Interactive elements should be understandable enough to clearly distinguish them from non-action elements

So how to implement a new trend in your design and don't lost a good UI with it ?

The best way is to use a neumorphism as an elements , creating a good emphasis with it. That's why we created a visual tips, of How and How not a good neumorphism must be look like.


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