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Steam steam icon mac metal holes piston shiny

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...you didn't think I'd let this survive unchanged, did you?

I actually posted an older version of this icon on my website a while back, but I've now updated it with a lot of shading tweaks and some newly drawn retina sizes.

It was my intention to release this icon many months ago along with a lengthy blog post detailing an obscure method to circumvent Steam's built-in checksums and modify the running icon used for Steam.app—replacing the icon through normal methods only applies so long as Steam isn't running; it reverts as soon as the app launches. Unfortunately for me, Steam updated their client a few days before I finished the blog post, and my method no longer works.

You can download the icon from either the attachment or from my website, and I'd love to hear any feedback. Ideas on how to get the running icon changed are also appreciated :)

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