When scheming up the latest TMFO, Reagan did the IMDB research and put together that most of Leonardo DiCaprio's movies have more or less the same plot. We laughed at idea of making a MadLib for Leo movies, so we made it.

Play LeoLibs yourself!

On the javascript side of things, it was pretty easy. I just made a JSON array of movies, keyed the same as the links, then injected into each blank. One thing I really like about it, is rather than making the text appear instant and simultaneously, I took the time to fade each blank in one after another. I think this subtle little delay feels like you're filling stuff in. It's an interaction!

I'm overflowing with JOY and HAPPINESS about the font-stack in this section. We got to use Comic Sans AND Marker Felt, and we threw in Papyrus and Curlz as fallbacks after that.

Also, each blank is CONTENTEDITABLE, which is fun. Screenshot your own and put it on Twitter. And FWIW, Firefox's current implementation of contenteditable is abhorrable.

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