iOS7 Newsstand

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newest addition to the ongoing iOS7 fun is the newsstand app

the current newsstand app just has multi-coloured bars with magazines on, the title of the page is at the bottom and there is only a store button. It's a very simple app but i wanted to add a little but more to it and give the magazines more presence on screen

i first wanted to change the position of the title, no idea why it was at the bottom, i then wanted to change the position of the store label and make it more like a button that users will recognise. Next up was adding an edit button, this button will function the same way the edit does in photos (you select the ones you don't want and hit delete).

i have attached all 4 real pixels, first 2 are the initial newsstand and the next 2 are the edit screens :)

as always thank you for all the love and feedback given to these shots it's well received and appreciated.

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