Jared Erondu

Designer Onboarding Handout - Wireframe

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Designer Onboarding Handout - Wireframe designer onboarding handout print wireframe

I’m working on creating a new onboarding process for future Omada product design hires. So far, through some iterations, I’ve been able to simplify it down to three phases (more on that in a future shot).

The point of this project is to make the process of assimilating into Omada, its culture, and the design team a seamless one. Not to mention, to eradicate the awkward feeling of complacency synonymous with starting at a company. You know, those first few days when not much is expected of you, but you can’t help but think “should I be doing something right now?”

This is the mid-fi wireframe of the onboarding handout card given to a designer day 1. The front is all text and stuff. The back has a checklist and more text stuff. It'll make more sense soon :)

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