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Late last year, I began working on a faux brand for a design contest here on Dribbble. The prompt was to create a faux brand and use Frontify to showcase the brand guidelines. A lot of cool stuff has happened since then, and I wanted to share my journey:

First, I began creating my faux brand — which is a digital watch brand called ULNA. The idea behind the brand was to put a modern and minimalistic spin on the aesthetics of classic digital watches. I took the name from the Latin name for a bone in the wrist. I then built out the logo, brand colors, chose the fonts, illustrated the product, and came up with a set of core values. Once these elements were locked in, I used Frontify’s platform to showcase the work.

Next, in an extremely exciting turn of events, I was named one of the winners of the contest. Frontify awarded me with a brand new MacBook Pro and a couple of shoutouts on their blog. I’ve never won anything like this before — and it’s an understatement to say that I’m over the moon about the whole situation. (I really needed a laptop for my design work. I’m using it right now!)

A little while later, the team at Frontify connected with me to help further develop my faux brand using their platform. They set me up with a designer on their team to flesh out the ULNA brand hub. Their designer, Nathalie, took my initial ideas and ran with them. She created a more robust home page, a media library, an icon library, and a few ad templates using Frontify's Publisher Tool.

Now, Frontify will be using the work we created together as an example of what you can do with their platform. It’s been a great experience participating in the contest and using their tools. Regardless of having such a good time working with them, I wholeheartedly recommend Frontify for communicating and implementing your brand guidelines. It’s extremely user friendly, fully customizable, and flexible enough to tell your brand’s unique story. In addition to communicating your brand standards, it also includes functionality and integrations that help you actually implement those standards and maintain consistency across the board.

Learn more about Frontify here: https://frontify.com/en/

See the ULNA brand hub here: https://ulna-watches.frontify.com/

And read their recent interview with me here: https://www.frontify.com/en/blog/creating-a-brand-with-frontify-a-designers-perspective/

Posted on Jul 15, 2020

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