How to Age Disgracefully, Step 1: pencil on paper

How to Age Disgracefully, Step 1: pencil on paper

So, I'm writing and starring in a sketch comedy show in Portland this summer. When our poster artist dropped out, I was asked to quickly put something together. I hadn't done print design in ages, but it's like riding a bike: once you sort of learn it, you never really forget it, kind of.

My concept was to render the show title as a tattoo. Tattoos are, in my mind, the classic clash-point of youthful enthusiasm and the reality of aging. Personally, I think tattoos are super badass, but I'm playing to the stereotype here. If you also think they're badass, you'll think this would be a badass design to wear on your sleeve when you're 65. If the idea horrifies you, it will continue to horrify you. Either way, my message gets through, I think!

I've never done tribal/scripty designs before, really. I googled a bunch of lettered tattoos and decided to go with a style that says "Harley", "pirate", and even "tiki". Lettering is fun! This was drawn with whatever pencil was already on my desk, in a Moleskine sketchbook. It took about an hour. It was really, really fun.

(Pitch corner: the sketch show is, obviously, called How to Age Disgracefully. You should totally go see it this July/August! Get your tickets here:

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