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iPod touch 5G PSD Template

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iPod touch 5G PSD Template ipod touch 5g red photoshop template mockup psd download ios

I teased this a little bit in my debut shot, but here's the whole thing now. :)

A little while back, I was wanting to make some screenshots of one of my apps on all of the latest iOS devices. When I tested a black iPhone 5 next to a black iPod touch, I thought they looked so incredibly similar that some people could get confused. (I get the feeling Apple noticed this too as there is not a single black iPod on the official iPod touch page. XD)

While a lot of third parties have made their own templates of white iPad and iPhone devices, it looks like the iPod touch hasn't received anywhere near as much love.

So, to help out with this, I painted this white iPod touch template in Photoshop. It was done entirely with vector paths and layer styles and so should scale nicely to any dimension. I chose the colour red initially, but at some point down the track, I plan to add the rest of the colours too.

In any case, I've attached the PSD, free for everyone to use. Attribution would be appreciated, but isn't required. Enjoy! :)

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