Design system primitives

We started our design systems work with a rethink of the most basic building blocks of the system. There were some components already (some from Bootstrap, some custom, others from assorted third party libraries), but they lacked a documented set of colors, type styles, elevation, and spacing standards.

We tried to keep our selections as limited as possible, rather than trying to plan for all the eventualities we could consider. Keeping the system light and flexible, and expecting to make changes in the future has worked out well for us—it’s kept complexity low, while still giving us enough tools to build the components we’ve needed so far. We’re using Storybook as our system of record here, and keeping style names in Figma in line with what’s in code.

I'm excited to share more design systems work with y’all in the future! If you’re interested in how we’re applying design systems thinking to our efforts to improve the commercial real estate market, we’re actively hiring for design roles.

Happy Thursday!
– Alex

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