Me and Henri Normak have been working on the weather app Shade a while now, and here's the first sneak peek. The design of the app has taken a turn quite recently, due to iOS 7 being previewed. The app will hopefully be launched alongside iOS 7 (and will actually require the new OS).

I've never found a weather app that suits me, and considering the plethora of available ones, this is not good. Most of them have too much info, too little info and are too difficult to use, and they often require a lot of effort to give you a brief overview of the day. This app should fix that. I actually use the barely functional Alpha version every day now, hah.

You are presented with the current weather condition and temperature, in addition to the current amount of rainfall, wind speed (+ direction) and the felt temperature. The key color of the app is dynamic, and responds to the weather condition, temperature and time of day. The main graph shows the temperature for the next 24 hours (customizable to 12 as well), with the min/max inside the bubbles. The second graph shows the amount of rainfall. Want more detailed information for the next 24 hours? Scrub along the graph to get the weather data for that specific time of day.

There's also an alternative version included, with the rain graph blurred out inside of the covering weather bubbles. Which one do you prefer?

We'd love all of your feedback on this, no matter how nitpicky!

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