iOS 7 Lock Screen

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  1. Maximlian Maximlian

    I am currently diving into the new iOS 7 and practisting my design skills. View at @2x please!

    This is the first result, a minimalist lock screen (iPhone 5).

    More will be on soon (I will relaunch the web site within the next few weeks)

    10 months ago

  2. Matt Welch Matt Welch

    As much as I love non-aligning numbers, they look quite out of place when not in the context of a block of text like you've shown here. Design wise besides that, very nice

    10 months ago

  3. Maximlian Maximlian

    @Matt Welch Thanks for your comment. it is true but I didn't do this but the font itself. every number has the same size but of course you are right - I should change that :)

    10 months ago

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