Dimitar Ivov

Insurance Dashboard and Figma Design System

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This UI is for a web based application for an insurance tool. It uses a redesigned version of Ant Design and the idea is that it's component based. The goal is to allow the front-end team to quickly reuse elements and create multi-functional dashboards and data lists. For this project I have used the atomic design methodology and here I am showcasing the molecules that would be used to form the organisms and templates.

Some distinct elements that would form the dashboard are the live tracking, progress graphs, filtering and ordered lists. As you can see I am going for a clean minimalistic approach with a very strong highlight on the main / focus element in the design.

In this particular project I have worked on both the UI and UX so more screens and user flows to follow. To ensure effective collaboration with the rest of the team the user flows, wireframing and the design elements were done in Figma. I utilized the component feature to achieve a polished design system.

Quick note: As that insurance project is still in development all information is just dummy data.

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