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  1. Justina Yeh Justina Yeh

    Did this for fun, thinking of a teacher friend of mine.

    I was trying to practice conveying the "personal identity" of a person - something where they can feel "Yes, this is me and I want it on my namecard."

    He assessed it like he would have if he was a client commissioning a logo, so I got a lot of valuable feedback and did several iterations on the text and placements of the bear+mountains. :)

    A teacher just doesn't need a personal logo, but it was a lot of fun and I learned lessons. :)

    I anonymized the name, surname and used a made-up school name (because he doesn't want his name & workplace all over the internet) making sure the letters fit like the version I showed.

    > Dispatch Condensed (First name, Middle name, job title and workplace)
    > St Marie Thin (for the surname in the middle)

    10 months ago

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