Ta-ku - Music Portfolio Design

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  1. Christopher Callil Christopher Callil

    Mockup site design for music producer Ta-ku, one of my favourite artists I've ever come across.

    His current site consists of a fairly plain bandcamp page, and decided to developed my own concept.





    10 months ago

  2. Charles Patterson Charles Patterson

    @Christopher Callil This is really great man! I love the colour choices you've made. Looks so clean and so pro! Great job! :)

    10 months ago

  3. Christopher Callil Christopher Callil

    @Charles Patterson Thank you! My aim was really to create a clean and minialistic layout, good to hear you thought it was. :)

    10 months ago

  4. Jeremy Blazé Jeremy Blazé

    Nice to see some more Aussie talent on Dribbble!

    9 months ago

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