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Tealet - tea farm01 seamless pattern

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Tealet - tea farm01 seamless pattern roughened asian floral artisan handcrafted hand drawn natural seamless pattern green pattern tea

Another seamless pattern for Tealet's packaging, illustrated in the same roughened, hand-drawn style as the logo.

Through Tealet's 3-tier subscription-based tea service, subscribers will receive a box of selected teas, either once, three times, or six times per year.

These teas are sourced from artisan tea farms around the world that Tealet works directly with, and with whom they have close personal relationships. One of Tealet's main goals is to champion the hard work, dedication, and artisan craft of these tea farmers.

The teas will come packaged in four cylindrical tins, and there will be four different teas from various farms per box.

Each tin will feature a label that wraps around the circumference, as well as a circular label affixed to the bottom. These labels will feature Tealet branding, and will give pertinent info about the specific tea contained inside, e.g., tea type, tea name, caffeine level, farm name, farmer name, farm region, tasting notes, tea & farming background information, and steeping instructions.

While the labels will be Tealet-branded, and will feature a system of hierarchy and categorization based on color and type, each label will also be personalized a bit to each tea farm, mostly through the use of custom-designed seamless patterns that are unique to each farm. For tea farms with more than one tea offering, the pattern will change colors.

Tealet's first shipment includes four different teas from three tea farms, all based in China.

Thus, I wanted these patterns to be culturally significant to the regions from which the teas are sourced. My inspiration for this particular pattern came from classic Chinese wallpaper, textiles, and flowers. The Chinese character used here means "Longevity."

Check the 2x size for more detail, as well as the attachment for inspiration, concept sketches, process, and other views.

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