Scaligent dashboard

Hey guys,

This is by far the most challenging project I've been working on. A lot of requirements and constraints to take in consideration. So far the most challenging part has been to come up with a style and structure that fits the current state of the app, but most importantly that would also fit the upcoming features the engineers are still working on.
For that I'm trying to come up with a "scalable" UI, inspired a bit by the Windows 8 Guideline and the "tiles" system. The idea is to design a "modular" structure, so if a new feature or new change comes in, we should directly be able to fit it without breaking the UX/UI.

So here's a little preview of the last iteration, number 203920392…. ;) Can't wait to show you a bigger preview.

Like always feel free to share your thoughts!

(Sorry for the re-upload, had to fix an ugly glitch, thanks Rovane for pointing it out)

My touitteur


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