PhotoAiD redesign

A couple more screens from the PhotoAiD app we have redesigned. You can already find it in the Google Play store :) If you want to get a photo for your documents you can check the first version of the app here:

Keep in mind it's the very first release :-)

We're still working on additional things around the brand, but wanted to share these as we're really happy how the app turned out.

The good communication with the client, very fast feedbacking and overall super-streamlined process led to delivering the entire app in record time.

And it all started with a 1-day redesign that you can see in the second shot here. We took just 1 day and redesigned the first screen of the app (left) into the one on the right. That led to creating the right look&feel for the end-product and redesigning everything else, but for a startup it was beneficial as the commitment was a lot lower initially. And once they liked the outcome they could commit to more time and effort :)

Designed in Sketch.

Enjoy! 🏄🏻‍♂️

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