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Tealet seamless pattern tea tea leaves pattern seamless seamless pattern natural angles hand drawn handcrafted artisan roughened rough

Seamless tea leaf pattern for Tealet, illustrated in the same roughened, hand-drawn style as the logo.

This pattern was designed mostly for use on the brown corrugate tea shipping box, but I developed various color schemes — derived from the four corporate Pantone colors I established for the logo — that Tealet could use throughout their branding.

I don't have much prior experience designing complex seamless patterns, so I really pushed myself hard for this project. As a result, I ended up incorporating many different seamless patterns for use in the packaging, which I will post in the coming days. I don't possess anywhere near the level of pattern mastery exhibited by the likes of pattern masters @Von Glitschka or @Matt Vergotis , but I've found that I really enjoy the process of pattern making, and I intend on working this in to as many future projects as is relevant.

Check the 2x size for more detail, as well as the attachment for concept sketch, process, and other views.

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