Hulu Episodes Microinteraction

A quick exercise on microinteractions. I've recently been watching a lot of TV, and I've been kind of annoyed with Hulu and Amazon's approach to browsing. It got me thinking, what if an app could provide a quicker browsing experience while showcasing the episode in focus? The result is kind of merging Youtube's layout with something like Spotify's – the interface maintains detailed information for each episode, while also provides a condensed list of other episodes in the season (which expand as the page is scrolled). The idea is that your eyes would lock into the same position on your phone as you browse episodes. I think this creates a cleaner, less redundant experience that also emphasizes individual content more clearly. Visual design is based loosely off of Hulu's current style. Made in Sketch & Principle, prototype file attached.

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Posted on Apr 28, 2020

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