Photoshop CC - Font Rendering

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  1. Court Kizer Court Kizer

    The various Photoshop CC font rendering options. The "Mac" rendering is pretty good, "Mac LCD" is great if you want subpixel… Still not quite the quality of sketch though…

    10 months ago

  2. Vitaly Ishkulov Vitaly Ishkulov

    They are too late with this update. At least for HiDPI displays it doesn't make much sense as type looks very good with almost any aliasing settings.

    10 months ago

  3. Viktor Larsson Viktor Larsson

    So "Mac LCD" is the setting that best emulates the result in a Macbrowser? And the Mac-setting emulates older CRT screens?

    I have always thought the anti aliasing is a little bit to heavy on Mac OS. Giving the text a thicker than necessary look. Very noticeable when you first design in PS and then switch to HTML. Guess thats why #333 usually looks better on text than #000.

    10 months ago

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